(1) Digital options trading risk disclosure

1. Digital options, also known as cryptocurrency options, is a financial derivative. Digital options is a trading product marked by high volatility. It is common to find 100% increase or 50% decrease in prices within a trading day. Therefore, despite its high return, digital options bear high risk for investors without relevant experience. Investors could suffer significant loss, even losing all of their principals.

2. Digital options transactions are subject to complex rules. It is your responsibility to understand the regulation, comprehend the connection between digital options prices and stock trends, and assess the risk associated with this type of investment before you place an order.

(2) Risk indemnification

3. All investments carry risk. For any security or financial product, historical data cannot be used to make accurate predictions on its future performance. While diversifying the portfolio helps lower the risk, it doesn’t not benefit or prevent you from losses when the market is at its down time. Investing in securities or other financial products is always subject to risk. Therefore, by using our product, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms in this disclaimer, and will be responsible for all the consequences that could result. You acknowledge that risk is an intrinsic component of investing in any medium including our products. EXcoin is not responsible for any loss or consequences occurred in your investment portfolio.

4. EXcoin seeks to provide authentic, adequate, reliable and accurate information to our clients as much as we can, yet we cannot make one-hundred-percent guarantee. Hence, all information, data and resources we offer are for reference only. You must carefully verify the quotes, charts, reviews, purchases and etc. EXcoin is not liable for any loss as a result of such inaccuracy, omission or subjective decisions you have undertaken.

5. As permitted by law, for any loss arose from the functioning or none-functioning of the product, including but not limited to direct or indirect damages to an individual, loss of commercial profit, trade interruptions, leak of corporate information and etc, EXcoin assumes no responsibility.

(3) Disclaimer due to user negligence or breach of contract

6. EXcoin reserves the right to modify this statement at any time, and the revised term is immediately effective upon being posted on our website. Your continued use of this product after these changes signals that you have read, understood and accepted the terms changed. EXcoin is not liable for any claim of damage resulted from your failure of acknowledging those changes.

7. You must confirm that you understand the functions of the product and the necessary operations to make it function, and your choice of using EXcoin product and its related services is completely voluntary. EXcoin is not liable for any loss incurred due to personal negligence or operating errors.

8. If you use EXcoin product for any illegal purpose, in any unlawful way, or if you engage in activities encroaching on the rights of others, EXcoin is not liable for any loss to you or any third party.

9. The software or programs used in this product, all contents, including but not limited to articles, pictures, files, information, materials, product architecture and design, are owned by EXcoin or its legal representative. These protected resources include but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, business intel and proprietary technology. If you use, modify, edit, reproduce, publish, openly broadcast, distribute, decompile or reverse-engineer our contents without first obtaining a written permission from EXcoin or its legal representative, for which your action has incurred third-party damage, EXcoin is not liable for any compensation and we reserve the right to hold you responsible for copyright infringement.

10. In the course of using this product, EXcoin is not liable for any loss due to the leak or theft of your account password, personal information, transaction data etc., as a result of your own mishandling.

(4) Objective indemnification

11. This product has been tested thoroughly and rigorously, but we cannot guarantee that this product is compatible with every hardware and software system, nor it is completely flawless. In case of system incompatibility or software errors, please contact customer service to file a report and obtain technical support. However, you will not receive any form of compensation for the loss generated.

12. For losses caused by telecommunication or internet network failures, system malfunctions or viruses, information corruption or loss or any other force majeure (such as war, communication failures, natural disasters, strikes, government actions), EXcoin assumes no responsibility.

13. The service provided by this product may be interrupted or affected by factors such as data transmission failure, interruption, delay, etc., as a result, the function of this product cannot be realized. In this case, EXcoin is not liable for any loss due to the delay or inability to use our services. It is recommended that you take reasonable protective measures against such factors.

14. As per company demand, EXcoin will post and reprint the news, information and so forth, from our business partners, while giving clear reference and credit to their intellectual property. EXcoin does not make any substantive fact-check or review on those contents, therefore, cannot guarantee their authenticity. Please be your own judge. If you believe some content is incorrect or has infringed the rights of others, please submit a claim directly to the provider of the content.


September 15, 2018