EXcoin is the world's first blockchain derivatives exchange to launch digital options trading. We offer a variety of innovative blockchain asset derivatives to our global customers, operated by EXcoin LTD. The EXcoin team has developed a complete trading ecosystem of securities, futures, international financial derivatives trading systems, settlement and clearing systems, risk control systems, market systems, quantitative trading systems, user CRM systems, and social systems. Its development platform carries hundreds of billions of dollars in international financial derivatives.

EXcoin embodies the world's highest standard in digital options trading. A legal and abiding entity, EXcoin has always complied with the laws of regulating jurisdictions, providing them with financial statements on a regular basis. EXcoin's excellent track record has left an impression on auditors. It is recognized as a trustworthy and outstanding platform by regulatory authorities and investors. EXcoin operates under Estonian license for virtual currency wallet, crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-cryptp, fiat-to-fiat exchange, forex such as euro/dollar, pound/yen, etc.
EXcoin Futures OÜ is registered under Estonian law (license No.: 14719574).
EXcoin Limited is registered under Belize law (license No.: 171708).
EXcoin Limited has obtained the MSB license for legal operation in the United States. MSB is a financial license regulated by Fincen in the US. EXcoin MSB license number is 409415.


The EXcoin team is committed to bridging the gap between digital currency and financial derivatives market. On one hand, digital currency is used for trading of traditional financial derivatives such as options, CFD, foreign exchange, etc. On the other hand, various digital currency ETFs will be introduced to offer more liquidity options. EXcoin revolutionizes the market for billions of financial derivatives.


The EXcoin team has ten years of technical strength and operational capacity in derivatives trading; this abundant exprience enables the exchange to grow rapidly and steadily. The EXcoin team is committed to becoming the world's most professional and comprehensive digital asset derivatives exchange, offering global investors the convenient, high-quality, and one-stop inclusive financial education and investment services.


The EXcoin team masters the core quantification algorithm with leading artificial intelligence and big data analysis. The trading system has reached the millisecond computational capacity and can realize hundreds of thousands of data processing per second, thus forming a high-barrier protection for the secondary market of various types of derivative services.

Money Talks, We Are Listening

With its strong technical capacity and market reputation, EXcoin has been recognized by investors all over the world. EXcoin is dedicated to providing retail clients and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives services, including foreign exchange, metals, energy, stock index, agricultural products and other CFD products. EXcoin aims to create a world-class financial services platform for investors and offer advanced and secure online trading technical support and reliable customer service. In the capital market, EXcoin adheres to the principle of “fairness, efficiency and intelligence”. Investors can create an portfolio tailored to their needs, and obtain direct quotes from the market through our advanced trading software.


MetaTrader 4 offers a revolutionary trading platform:


he MT4 trading platform connects to the financial market through MT4, checks real-time quotes, and uses technical indicators to conduct transactions. You can use your Expert Advisor (EA) on the MT4 trading platform to automate your trading by writing your own strategy into a computer program. No matter how much trading experience you have, you can use the MT4 trading platform and the features it provides. By leveraging the advantages of the MT4 platform, you can keep up with market dynamics and adjust your trading strategy with the changing market.

The MT4 platform provides users with a variety of tools to help with transactions. As we have mentioned, one of the most powerful tools is to execute your Expert Advisor (EA) in order to automate transactions, but before that, you need to master the basics of trading.


Risk management is the most critical part of investment. No matter where you trade or whether you understand the transaction, you can't ignore this component. Using tools such as Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders will keep your trades on hold.. Sometimes, loss is inevitable. With the “Stop Loss” feature, you can ensure that the loss of a single transaction does not bankrupt you.

YOU NEED TO KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND: You don't have to make the right trading decisions every time. Using Stop Loss tool ensures that your losses are kept to a limit when you make a wrong decision. With limit orders, you can maximize profit when you make a right decision.


Charts are the most popular trading tool, and traders can decide when to open or close a trade based on graphics. At the same time, through visuals, traders can effectively capture opportunities and conduct risk management. The full set of charting tools built into the MT4 platform helps traders make informed decisions.

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EXcoin brings together quotes from more than 80 international banks, providing world's top professional financial experience, offering liquid transactions and corporate brokerage settlements to institutional clients such as hedge funds and trading brokers, businesses and so forth. Whether it is a hedge fund, mutual fund, asset management company, or trading broker, we strive to provide efficient, stable, and professional solutions. We have a set of comprehensive operational guidelines and a hedge fund collaboration program.

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