Article 1

The purpose of this site is to provide a professional trading platform for the massive number of digital asset enthusiasts and investors worldwide, under Belize’s regulatory compliance. It is forbidden to use this financial instrument for illegal activities such as money-laundering, trafficking, commercial bribery and so forth. If such incidents are found, relevant accounts will be frozen and reported immediately to authorities.

Article 2

When the authority or jurisdiction in charge presents corresponding investigation documents and asks the site to cooperate, or to take measures such as grounding, freezing or transferring the relevant accounts, the site will comply with the authority's request to assist in providing user data, or carrying out corresponding operations. Therefore, the site does not assume any responsibility for the loss of user privacy and account function, as well as all other consequences such as financial loss.

Article 3

If the user of this site violates the relevant laws of Belize in violation of the provisions of this statement, the site as a provider of the service, is obliged to better the rules and services it offers. Note that the site itself harbors no ill motive and does no evil deeds against the law of Belize, therefore, it does not bear any joint responsibility because of user misconduct.

Article 4

Whenever you log into this site, or in any way use this website, directly or indirectly, you acknowledge your willingness to accept the terms of service and other legal provisions on the site.

Article 5

For issues not covered in this statement, please refer to the relevant laws and regulations of Belize. When this statement conflicts with the law of Belize, the relevant law of Belize shall prevail.


September 15, 2018