Campaigns & Promotions

Our platform encourages traders to participate in the following campaigns to minimize risk and maximize earnings.

Profit You Earn, Loss We Bear:

During the campaign, all accounts with a net gain will receive 10% of the gain, and accounts with a loss will be compensated by EXcoin at 100%. Campaign will start from 15:00(GMT+8)and end at 15:30(GMT+8), except national holidays

Coach Session

Placing orders according to the expert's advice.

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EXcoin brings together quotes from more than 80 international banks, providing world's top professional financial experience, offering liquid transactions and corporate brokerage settlements to institutional clients such as hedge funds and trading brokers, businesses and so forth. Whether it is a hedge fund, mutual fund, asset management company, or trading broker, we strive to provide efficient, stable, and professional solutions. We have a set of comprehensive operational guidelines and a hedge fund collaboration program.

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