EXcoin is the world's first blockchain derivatives exchange to launch digital options trading. We offer a variety of innovative blockchain asset derivatives to our global customers, operated by EXcoin LTD. The EXcoin team has developed a complete trading ecosystem of securities, futures, international financial derivatives trading systems, settlement and clearing systems, risk control systems, market systems, quantitative trading systems, user CRM systems, and social systems. Its development platform carries hundreds of billions of dollars in international financial derivatives.

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Why choose EXcoin?

Funding in EXcoin's account is simple and secure. No matter where you are, we make it easy for you to start your investment
journey. You know that you should invest in the future, we are here to help you!

Deposit or withdraw using digital currencies like USDT

Most of the customer deposits are stored in a cold storage of offline storage. We only keep enough online resources to promote positive transactions, which greatly reduces risk.

Financial security

The automated system monitors transaction funds and employs risk management to ensure that the customer's account balance is above zero.

MT4 free download

Free download and support for Android and iOS, user-friendly interface, simple account navigation.


Help customers realize the benefit of transactions and offer loss-bearing plans for customers to trade!

Customer Support

You can contact the support team by email to answer any question.

EXcoin offers real-time quotes for a wide range of products, including digital options, digital futures, and CFDs.

Digital options

A result of whether a targeted digital asset is lower or higher than the strike price within a specified time period, and whether the proceeds are obtained.

Trading products

Digital futures

The futures exchange unifies the standardization contract for the delivery of a certain number of subjective matter at a specific time and place in the future


The use of CFDs for asset allocation helps to diversify portfolio and expand profit margin.

Immediate payment of funds

With automatic deposit, cryptocurrencies such as USDT settle in the user's account in a timely fashion.


Our platform is operated and maintained by EXcoin's expansive architecture and advantageous network to ensure users can trade in a highly secure and stable environment. Order execution on mobile devices anytime, anywhere to help you connect with the global real-time financial market.

Meta Trader MT4

The EXcoin MetaTrader 4 client terminal stands out with its unique benefits. Not only does it contain real-time quotes and charts, in-depth news and analysis, but also a wealth of management tools, technical indicators, and an automated trading program Expert Advisor (EA).

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Contact Us

If you have any question regarding our platform, investor relationship, media coverage and so on, please email us at info@excoin.io