Why choose EXcoin?

Funding in EXcoin's account is simple and secure. No matter where you are, we make it easy for you to start your investment journey.
You know that you should invest in the future, we are here to help you!

Use the digital assets such as USDT to get the Deposit

Most of the customer deposits are stored in a cold storage of offline storage. We only keep enough online resources to promote positive transactions, which greatly reduces risk.

Financial security

The automated system monitors transaction funds and risk management to ensure that the customer's account balance is not negative.

MT4 free download

Free download and support for Android and iOS, user-friendly interface, easy account management.


Help customers to truly realize the profit of the transaction and provide a assistance plan for customers to trade!

Customer Support

You can contact the support team by email to answer any questions from your client account.

Immediate payment of funds

With the digital assets such as USDT, the Deposit method is automatically fed back to the customer's account.


Our platform is operated and maintained by EXcoin's expansive architecture and advantageous network to ensure our customers are trading in a highly secure and stable environment.
Transfer on mobile devices anytime, anywhere to help you connect with the global real-time financial market.

Trading hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-24:00 00:00-01:00


Manage transaction accounts with a feature-rich, and user-friendly platform interface to maximize the effectiveness and viability of trading strategies.


Mobile Trading

The mobile app is secure and has a user-friendly and fully-functional interface.


Website security and stability protection

EXcoin provide quality security.


Mobile trading platform

It is fast, convenient, and easy to trade anytime, anywhere.


Trading products

EXcoin offers real-time quotes for a wide range of products, including digital options, digital futures, and CFDs.

Digital option

A result of whether a target asset is lower or higher than the strike price within a specified time period, and whether the proceeds are obtained.

Digital futures

The futures exchange unifies the standardization contract for the delivery of a certain number of subject matter at a specific time and place in the future.


The use of CFDs for asset allocation helps to diversify portfolio risk and expand profit margins.

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